Lenore Hodgson
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Estate Administration

Lenore provides a full range of Estate Administration services from helping families navigate the legal and financial waters following the death of a loved one to serving as a Professional Executor for clients.

Estate Administration Services include:

  • advice on estate executors' responsibilities
  • help with the estate inventory process
  • advice on safeguarding estate assets
  • advice on government applications and benefits
  • providing estate valuations and/or appraisals for specific assets
  • determining the necessity of probate and helping executors apply for it
  • advising on probate tax and other accounting obligations
  • completing documentation required to transfer assets
  • helping executors deal with financial institutions
  • advice on setting any claims against the estate
  • advice on the on-going management of trusts
  • coordinaton of income tax returns with accountants
  • listing and selling Estate Real Property
  • helping with final distributions and estate wind-up
  • Professional Executorship