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Success Stories: Home Selling Made Easy - and Profitable!

Lenore's recent listing was noted in the Toronto press:

"A house in Moore Park received two offers and sold for $2.375-million. That marks a $176,000 premium above the asking price. Mr. Fleming (of Bosley Real Estate) also had a buyer interested in that one, but the house sold within a day of coming on the market - before they even got there to see it. "

-Globe and Mail, January 25, 2013

"When our mother passed away, we needed to sell the family home in North Toronto. My siblings and I had some differences of opinion on how and when to list the house; Lenore helped us to reach consensus and move forward. She staged the house and priced it competitively. After just six days on the market, we received four competing offers and sold the house for $82,000 above the asking price! Lenore's professionalism and kindness were exactly what we needed to get the house sold."

-Katie, January 2013

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