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Success Story: A Multi-Generational Relationship

In 1998, Lenore drafted Wills for Mr. and Mrs. Williams, a couple in their seventies. Five years later, Mr. Williams passed away and the couple's adult children contact Lenore seeking advice on what they should do next. Lenore guided the family through the Probate process and obtained the Certificate of Appointment for the Estate Executor. When Mrs. Williams was ready to move to an assisted living apartment, Lenore listed and sold the family home in Toronto and completed the legal work to close the deal. Several years later, Gladstone Williams, one of Mr. and Mrs. William's children, again contacted Lenore to help him purchase his new home, close the real estate transaction and draft his Will and Power of Attorney.

"I must say that having Lenore perform all our services was surely the most sensible decision. There was complete trust and confidence in her abilities from the first time she helped with my Mom's home, so when it came time for my own I could not think of anyone who was more qualified to provide me with the same services. Lenore gained my family's utmost respect for the care she showed in all of our dealings."

- Gladstone Williams, 2013

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